Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Story of Service

"To bring Christ to others depends on how we do what we do for the poor. We could do it one way, or we could do it some other way. I will never forget the time when a certain mad visited our home for the poor who are dying. He arrived just as the Sisters were bringing in some of the dying off the streets. They had picked a man out of the gutter, and he was covered with worms. Without knowing she was being watched, a Sister came to care for the dying man. The visitor kept watching the Sister work. He saw how tenderly she washed the man and smiled at him. She did not miss a detail in her attentive care for that dying man. I was also at the Home for the Dying that day.
The visitor, after carefully watching the Sister, turned to me and said, "I came here today, not believing in God, with my heart full of hate, but now I am leaving here believing in God. I have seen the love of God in action. Through the hands of that Sister- through her gestures, through her tenderness- which were so full of love for that wretched mad, I have seen God's love descend upon him. Now I believe." I didn't know who this visitor was at the time, or that he was an atheist."
-Mother Teresa, taken from a talk she gave in London's Oratory, June 13,1977


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Beautiful story, Jenny.

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