Sunday, May 28, 2006

Father, I have glorified you upon the earth, I have accomplished the work you gave me to do, Alleluia.

This antiphon from the Canticle of Zachariah this morning (in the Litrugy of the Hours) really struck me. While meditating on it and how it applies to us I had to turn my head and know how unworthy I am. I cannot proclaim this to our Lord. I have kept me for myself. I have given little with a pure heart. He knows. And in the struggles I meet each day sometimes it is hard not to just give in and say "I have failed here before, I guess I fail again. What good am I to Him now anyway?". Peter Kreeft says, "I do not think that we fully believe [that we can be saints]...we can ...we really can!". It is a choice, and it is in steadfast faith of the merciful and redeeming Love of our Savior that we give ourselves up wholey and completely to His divine and loving will. Scarey...but only, perhaps, the twinge of fear you receive before embarking on the greatest adventure of your life. And with it, the peace of an infant sleeping in his mothers arms; the joy of looking into my bridegroom and conveying with my eyes and my heart "I have glorified you on earth, I have accomplished the work you gave me to do". Alleluia!


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Very well put.

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