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What can you guys tell me about the Capuchins. Thanks


Blogger Brad said...

I don't have a ton of information, but the Capuchins are Franciscan friars who live according to the Rule of St. Francis of Assisi. Some recently famous capuchins include St. Pio (Padre Pio) and recently created Cardinal O'Malley from Boston. More about their charism can be found here:

Overall, they're Franciscan and pretty cool.

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Blogger Jenny said...

I know that the Capuchins work with the needy in communities. Venerable Fr. Solanus Casey was a capuchin who worked in the Detroit area in the first half of the 1900's. He died in 1957 and his incorrupt remains are at St. Bonaventure Monastery in Detroit. (We should all take a trip there sometime!). Many people attribute their healings to Fr. Solanus and his intercession. Also, there is a Capchin soup kitchen and retreat house about two miles from my house if you would like more info.

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