Saturday, July 22, 2006

Poetry of St. Teresa of Avila, volume one

Okay, including "Teresa's Bookmark" (aka, let nothing disturb you), posted by Brad I have six poems by St. Teresa of Avila, and one of my own I had to write imitating her style. Some of the poems are longer than others, and all are wonderful. This will be the first installment of two so the post isn't a mile long. I'll have to bring it in when school starts so you can see the pictures and borders I put in along with the poems. One of the comments I made about her poetry in my project was that it was written in a way that is still very accesible today. Have fun reading!

"Accustom yourself to continually make many acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul"

1. And should by chance you do not know
Where to find Me,
Do not go here and there;
But if you wish to find Me,
In yourself seek Me.

Soul, scince you are My room,
My house and dwelling,
If at any time,
Through your distracted ways
I find the door tightly closed,

Outside yourself seek me not,
To find Me it will be
Enough only to call Me,
Then quickly I will come
And in yourself seek Me.

2. If, Lord, Thy love for me is strong
As this which binds me unto thee,
What holds me from thee so long,
What holds thee Lord so long from me?
O soul, what then desirest thou?
Lord I would see thee, who thus choose thee.
What fears can yet assail thee now?
All that I fear is but lose thee.
Love's whole possession I entreat,
Lord make my soul thine own abode,
And I will build a nest so sweet
It may not be to poor for God.
A soul in God hidden from sin,
What more desires for thee remain,
Save but to love again,
And all on flame with love within
Love on, and turn to love again.

3. In weeping be my joy,
My rest in fright,
In sorrowing my serenity,
My wealth in losing all.

Amid storms be my love,
In the wound my delight.
My life in death,
In rejection my favor.

In poverty my riches,
My triumph in struggling,
Rest in laboring,
In sadness my contentment.

In darkness my light,
My greatness in the lowly place,
My way on the short road,
In the cross my glory.

In humiliation be my honor,
My calm in suffering
Increase in my wanting
In losing my gain.
My fullness be in hunger
In fearing my hope.
My rejoicing in fear,
In greiving my delight.

In forgetting be my memory,
Humiliation my exalting,
In lowliness my repute,
Affronts my victory.

My laurels be in contempt
In afflictions my fondness,
My dignity a lowly nook,
In solitude my esteem.

In Christ be my trust,
My affection in Him alone,
In His weariness my vigor,
My repose in His imitation

My strength is founded here,
In him alone my surety,
My integrity's proof,
In his likeness my purity.


Blogger Brad said...

Thanks for posting these! I'm a big St. Teresa of Avila fan myself (those Carmelites are amazing). If you still have your poetry project it'd be cool to see it when school starts again.

6:18 PM  

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