Tuesday, May 16, 2006

His mercy endures forever!

"Sin is shameful only when we commit it; when it has been converted by confession and repentance, it becomes honorable and salutary."
-St. Francis de Sales

I was thinking about confession today and how much grace there is in frequent confession. All the Sacraments involve a real encounter with Christ, but I can honestly say some of the happiest moments of my life took place in the confessional. I have heard the miracle that takes place at the Sacrament of Reconciliation referred to as more profound than the miracle of creation itself.

While I do love confession, I am used to experiencing anxiety prior to going into the confessional...especially if I'm falling into the same sins confession after confession. I was reading a little bit of St. Francis de Sales recently and the quote above really struck me. We should be ashamed of having committed sin, but the ability to turn from that sin and seek forgiveness is in itself a sign of God working in our souls. When we turn from sin through confession we are able to grow in the virtue of humility and overcome these obstacles in the future. The most important thing that I need to remember is never to admit defeat.

Long live Christ the King!


Blogger Sarah Rose said...

Thanks Brad, this post is great. I admit that Confession is something I have some difficulties with. My shyness and anxiety can really get to me. Maybe I'll try going to confession soon, it's something I need to do. Thanks again for the encouraging words!

11:37 AM  
Blogger Sean Nolan said...

Confession is an amazing thing. I just finished a book by Scott Hahn about confession called "Lord, Have Mercy". It's a great book. The thing that struck me the most is something he called the spirit of penance. The idea behind this is that confession is something that is lived every day, not just when we enter the confessional and receive absolution, but that being a repentant sinner, one who understands that, although sin will always be in their life until they enter heaven, it is their constant struggle against sin and mastery of their will through aligning it with God's will that confession becomes meaningful and the absolution we receive becomes even more joyous. Confession, just like mass, is not a once per week occurance. We are absolved and the climax of our penitential spirit is reached in the confessional, but we must turn always to God and seek His help in our daily lives for the salvation of our soul.
Sin is an offense against God. God gives us His love unconditionally and unlimitedly. So when we sin, we are, in effect, saying to God, "No, Father, I do not accept your Love, I can do better with something else that is faster, easier to get at, and more quickly pleasurable than your Love." So in this spirit of repentence, as also in the giving of such a beautiful sacrament by the Grace of God, we see love play a central role, for it is through the love of Jesus Christ in our lives and hearts that we can overcome the power of sin and turn to our gaze to heaven.

9:09 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Nice post Sean.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Sean Nolan said...

thanks brad

11:24 PM  

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