Friday, June 23, 2006

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

"Behold the heart that so loved men, but received so little in return."

Today's solemnity of the Sacred Heart is primarily a feast of love. When the soldier pierced Christ's heart with the lance, blood and water poured out. Jesus died for love of us. We need to die to self for love of him. During the homily at Mass today the priest quoted a saint who said that each of us should have three hearts: A heart of fire to love God with all that we have, a heart of flesh to love and serve our neighbor, and a heart of bronze to love ourselves in a way that we can avoid pride and other vices.

Today's feast reminds us that Jesus goes out of His way to get us. Let us always remember to be grateful for such a great gift.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, on fire for love of sinners, have mercy on us!


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