Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trinity Sunday

Praise the Holy Trinity
Undivided Unity
Holy God, Mighty God
God Immortal be adored.

Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. I have not really gone through the reading real in-depth to provide a huge theological treatise, but I thought I'd offer some of my thoughts and if anyone else wants to comment, they can feel free :-).

Whenever I think about the nature of the Blessed Trinity I'm reminded of a story about St. Augustine. I'm not sure how much historical truth is in this, but I think it makes an important point. One day Augustine was walking down a beach contemplating the mystery of the Trinity and he could not bring himself to understand it. While he was walking he saw a young boy digging a small hole and putting water from the ocean into it. When Augustine asked what the boy was doing, he replied, "I'm trying to put the ocean into this small hole." Augustine questioned him, "How could such a vast sea fit into that small hole?" The boy replied "How can you hope to understand the mystery of the Trinity given your limited knowledge?" The boy was really an angel and he disappeared.

I think this story illustrates something important about the Trinity: It's a mystery. We have carefully written formulas for professing a belief in One God, three persons in one substance, but I don't think we can really grasp the full impact of what this means this side of Heaven.

Mary really has a unique relationship with the Blessed Trinity. She is daughter of the Father, mother of the Son, and spouse of the Holy Spirit. More than any other of God's creatures she has been specially chosen by God to be in this relationship and to serve as a mother to the whole human race. She has special reason to proclaim that her soul "proclaims the greatness of the Lord...for He has looked with favor on his lowly servant." And that all generations will call her blessed.

In any case I hope you all had a happy feast day, and don't forget that the Solemnity of Corpus Christi is this coming Sunday! Tantum Ergo is already stuck in my head...


Blogger Sean Nolan said...

That is definately a smart little boy. He knows what going on. I think something important that even major parts of Christianity is missing is that our human reasoning is weak, left lacking after the Fall and cannot grasp everything. There is such a beauty and depth to the Bible that even in studying it we cannot understand everything. I think this quote fits really well, "Indeed, learning without the Holy Spirit blinds men to the realities of divine truth. The man who thinks he can know the Word of God by mere intellectual study is greatly deceived. Spiritual truth is spiritually discerned.” -Samuel Chadwic To go even deeper, however, I think we see that in the mysterious deposit of faith left to the Church and the guidance guarenteed by the Holy Spirit to the Apostles gives us even more spiritual discernment. We can see, with our 20/20 hindsight, this guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout Church history and especially in the spiritual discernment of our doctors. It's amazing to see the wonders God can work.

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