Monday, July 31, 2006

Archbishop Sheen Narrates Tridentine High Mass

You guys may want to check this out: . I found it interesting.


Blogger Brad said...

I'm not overly familiar with the old Mass (although I do now own a 1962 hand missal), but I thought the near total emphasis on sacrifice in bishop Sheen's commentary was interesting. There wasn't a whole lot of the "Eucharist as a meal theology."

It's interesting how little of the old Mass the people actually hear the priest say. The canon, prayers at the foot of the altar, and a lot of other things are silent. I guess that's why missals were so important.

The military precision of every gesture impressed me. The bowing, genuflecting, etc... were all done very carefully.

I've never experienced the old Mass in person, but I'd be interested in finding an indult Mass sometime to check it out.

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