Thursday, August 10, 2006

St. Lawrence, Feast

Today is the Feast of St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr of the early Church. Most saints who aren't apostles get memorials or optional memorials, but today we get a full feast to celebrate this saint. St. Lawrence was a deacon responsible for giving alms to the poor in Rome and the authorities asked him to give them the "treasures of the Church." Lawrence did just that...he gathered the poor to whom he ministered and presented them to the Roman official declaring these were the "real treasures of the Church." For this act of defiance, Lawrence died a martyr's death.

St. Lawrence, pray for us!


Blogger Sean Nolan said...

I think that there is an important lesson to be learned from these final action of St. Lawrence (duh, he's a saint, thanks for stating the obvious sean). When asked for the treasures of the church, he presented the poor. Why? Because he gave them money and food out of the church coffers? Perhaps, but Emperor Julian the Apostate would do that a century or two later when he attempts to revitalize the pagan Roman religion. He shows to the Romans the poor because they are the people that the church had given to God for His greater glory. St. Lawrence acted out of his love for God in working these acts of charity. That food wouldn't really feed them for long. They could die in a week, easy, especially back then. But the eternal treasures that St. Lawrence stored up in heaven by giving to God the glory of charity will last forever in eternity.

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